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263Chat Profiles: Tendai Sadzauchi, Beitbridge Based Gospel Musician


Below are excerpts of an interview between 263Chat and Tendai Sadzauchi, an upcoming gospel musician from Beitbridge. Sadzauchi explains her inspiration, vision and her musical journey to date.

263Chat: Who is Tendai and why did you become a musician?

TS: Tendai Sadzauchi (TS) was born in Zaka Jerera, Masvingo where she had her primary and secondary education.

She then moved to Harare after high school before relocating to Beitbridge where she has worked as a beautician before starting her own salon & barber shop.

“I have been interested in becoming a musician since a young age but did not find inspiration to take it further until my pastor Enoch Sitima of ZAOGA encouraged me to take my talent seriously.

“From then i recorded two songs, Anniversary and Matarenda which became popular here in Beitbridge, this confirmed my gift,”

263Chat: Why gospel, who inspires you?

TS: “Besides motivation from my pastor, i chose gospel music because i am a devoted Christian and i love to preach the word of God,”

263Chat: Most gospel artists sing the same way with same lyrics, what makes you unique?

TS “What makes me unique is i do not copy any other artist and each of my songs has a strong message for the listener,”

263Chat: Tell us about your album and what is your core message?

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TS” My album titled YEUKA, consists of seven songs which i composed over a period of eight months.


“I launched it in December 2016 here in Beitbridge with assistance from several businesswomen including Mrs Mushonga, Mrs Mufokozana & Mrs Ngwenya as well as my praise pastor Gilbert Chadyemhunga.

“Not to forgetting my producer Manex who also played a big role in making my dream a reality,”

263Chat: It looks like your video YEUKA is doing well on ZBC, are you going to release more videos of that quality?

TS: “I’m happy that my video YEUKA is having good airplay on ZBC TV. All this was made possible because of Pastor Gilbert who helped me submit my music to ZBC.

“I also had a lot of encouragement from presenter Tonderai Samanyanga who has been playing my music at National FM,”

263Chat: Will you stand to compete with other gospel artists in bigger cities like Harare?

TS: “I am planning to bring more videos of good quality though i face some problems because there are limited facilities here in Beitbridge”

263Chat: Give us an overview of music in Beitbridge, are there other artists there?

TS “The music industry here in Beitbridge is moving a bit slow because it is not a big town and people here are mainly involved in boarder activities”

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263Chat: Do you see yourself being the best or at least winning an award?

TS: “I am hoping to produce my music and videos at same level as other artists in bigger cities like Harare and i also hope to be recognised for awards”

263Chat: What should we expect from Tendai next?

TS: “I want Zimbabwe to expect more from me, expect zvidhafu dhafu from Tendai,”

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