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Mai TT Throws Support Behind ZANU PF, Defends Her Decision Amid Controversy

An image of controversial socialite Felistas Murata, widely known as Mai TT, kneeling before President Emmerson Mnangagwa has ignited a flurry of reactions and discussions.

Taking to social media to address the controversy, Mai TT has staunchly defended her actions and clarified her political allegiance, asserting that individuals have the right to support the political party of their choosing without coercion.

“Everyone has a right to follow a party of his or her choice without being forced. Posting angry faces on my timeline with the President is now drama,” Mai TT remarked, emphasizing the importance of freedom of choice in political affiliation.

“I follow His Excellency and First Lady Dr. Auxilia Mnangagwa, and I am ZANU PF. I have seen what they are doing to our nation from roads, schools, empowerment, etc. Our airport has improved greatly, and you can’t tell me you are not noticing that,” she declared, defending her stance amidst scrutiny.

Mai TT proceeded to commend First Lady Dr. Auxilia Mnangagwa’s Angel of Hope foundation for its impactful work in supporting vulnerable groups, urging Zimbabweans to focus on the positive developments in the country and to unite in building a better nation.

“I follow the good works, and I can’t be hotspotted to hate what I don’t know. Even the Bible says love and honor your President. A country is built by its people, do not divide our Nation but rather unite and build Zimbabwe together as one. I am for the ruling party. And nothing will change that. Pamberi ne ZANU PF,” she affirmed.

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Mai TT’s statements have evoked mixed sentiments, with some speculating that her endorsement may be linked to recent vehicle donations made by businessman Wicknel Chivhayo to influential individuals aligned with ZANU PF.

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