Ministry of Mines Must Step Up On ASM Ease Of Doing Business

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My name is Edson Muzhandu. I come from Mberengwa. When I was 13 years old, I used to go with my father to look for gold in the rivers.

I realised that the gold extraction and processing methods that my father used were poor and not efficient.

l told myself that when l grew up, I want to find a better way of getting considerable gold than the little that my father would get after a day’s work.

So, when I grew up, I moved into artisanal mining and worked as a worker in someone else’s mine, but l was not satisfied with what I would be given after producing a lot.

As a result, I thought of having my own area to mine and I pegged my own claim. That was in 2017 and now I own mining area.

However, the challenge I have is that I do not have a mining certificate because the surveyor from Ministry of Mines is taking too long to assess and issue the certificate. This is my mining story.

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