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Chief Nyashanu, Headman, Block Burial of “Disrespectful” Sabhuku.


There was drama in Buhera under Chief Nyashanu when a local Headman demanded a beast and $30 fine before the burial of village head Jaison Gotosa whom he accused of disrespect.

Gotosa, a former boarding Master at Nyashanu Mission in Buhera, died at his home on Thursday 20 September with the family taking his body to Murambinda Mortuary while preparing for burial on Saturday.

According to one of the deceased relatives, on the day of burial, Headman Chirozva halted all the proceedings demanding that they wait for him to arrive, raising eyebrows from the bereaved family and friends.

“The headman was told about the death on Thursday (kushumiwa) and he said ok. Then on Friday night after the body was transferred from Murambinda mortuary back to his home, the headman phoned the Gotosa family telling them that no burial should take place before he comes to the funeral.

“They asked him if they could start digging the grave on Saturday morning kuitira kuti paanozouya awane zvaita (so that when he comes, there would be progress made)

“Instead he told them kuti vanofana kuuya kudare kumba kwake on Saturday. (He ordered the family to his court on Saturday)

“On Saturday, Sabhuku Gotosa’s son and Sabhuku Gotosa’s younger brother went to Dare ra Headman and they were told that they should drive to Chief Nyashanu Court. They went there  and they were told by the chief that this man afa uyu aisanditereera uye aiita zvaanoda so kuti mumuvige ndoda mombe ,plus hamuna kundishuma kut arikurwara ndoda $30 (the dead man was disrespectful to me and for his burial to take place, I need a cow…you did not tell me that he was sick so I demand $30),” said the source.


“After they agreed to pay the $330, they were given the green light to proceed with the burial.

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“However, before they could conduct the burial ceremony, one of their neighbours, who has a pending court case with the Gotosa family emerged from the blue demanding to know where the deceased body was to be buried.

Upon being told that Gotosa would be buried at his homestead, the neighbour breathed fire m alleging that the place in question belonged to him, much to the bewilderment of the whole family,” said the family source.

Chief Nyashanu advised the Gotosa family to pay their neighbour with a beast for them to bury their relative.

This did not go well with the deceased family who then informed the Murambinda police who called Chief Nyashanu and advised him to find an amicable solution to the impasse.

After deliberations throughout the day, Gotosa’s body was finally laid to rest at around 20:00hrs the same Saturday

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