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A-Academy Aware Winner Jonah (Joe-E) Sithole Drops New Video for His Latest Single SCANDAL


After months of anticipation, the music video is finally done! Jonah’s latest video for his single Scandal is completed and ready to hit the screens of his fans.

The hype started following the video shoot when Boomslang Production started posting what they call a “ScandalCelfié” online. Each member of team started posting pictures to entice the fan base, and build momentum prior to the release of the video. Fans started to follow the trend until timelines were being bombarded with creative pictures and videos of those promoting the release of the music video.

When we spoke to Jonah, he said “I’m so excited for you all to see the video. We’ve put a lot of hard work behind it and we wanted to make sure that the fans are eager to see it hence why we marketed it as creatively as possible. The aim was to get people asking “what is this Scandal thing about? Why are people posting these pictures?” Once we had people asking questions, we knew they would be intrigued to find out how the video will turn out.”

The single was just recently dropped on the 1st of April and Jonah wanted to build hype for the video to drop on one of Zimbabwe’s biggest days in the year; Zimbabwe Independence Day 18/04/2015.

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Mr_Boomslang also caught up with us, here’s what he had to say, “I’m very excited for the release of the Scandal video. A lot of hard work has gone into it and I am confident the fans will love it! I think for me personally apart from just directing, it was a great pleasure working with some very talented people in Zimbabwe. Boomslang Production teamed up with Gwinyai Runyowa from Philography and Dennis Chombe from Drealisee MEG TV in the aim to produce a high quality, creative and fun video for the pleasure of the viewing public. It was honestly such a great experience and I cannot wait to jump onto the next venture with these talented individuals.”

It’s safe to say, this video is going to be a big one. Make sure you download the single “Scandal” by Jonah on iTunes, Bandcamp or Soundcloud and keep your eyes peeled for the new visual production dropping on Zimbabwe’s Independence Day.






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