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Convening Dialogue in Zimbabwe

When it comes to Zimbabwe, there are often misconceptions about the reality on the ground. 263Chat was created to encourage and participate in the much-needed dialogue focused solely on Zimbabwe. The use of the internet and the numerous social media tools available, are used to reach those abroad and within Zimbabwe in an effort to engage them in meaningful discussion as a collective group.

It is a known fact that Zimbabweans are already engaged in various conversations about their daily lives. 263Chat aims in part to amplify that voice.

Initially using twitter, the 263Chat conversations commenced in September 2012. Since then, the dialogue has continued adding other tools such as audio, video and regular 263Chat Live Events designed to put the various voices in one room. Meeting face-to-face adds an additional and important dimension to all of this.

263Chat is an award winning media company, having won the Telkom-Highway Africa New Media Awards 2013 Innovative Use of Technology for Community Engagement in South Africa.

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263Chat is a Zimbabwean media organisation focused on encouraging & participating in progressive national dialogue

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