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Ammara, Freeman In Fight Against GBV

Musicians Ammara Brown and Freeman have added their voice in condemning Gender Based Violence (GBV), vowing to use their influence to spread the message.

Speaking during a #HeForShe dialogue for diplomats and business meeting in commemoration of the 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence in Harare, the artists said peace should reign supreme in all spheres of life for the country’s progress.

“As a GBV activist I have to say my dream is to have gender based peace and it going to take both men and women in order to make this change, you teach the boy child that he is important in protecting the women. You teach the women that she is to be respected and it’s a two way strip between both parties if you teach one without the other you leave the other behind, you cannot do it alone.


“I encourage parents at home, people at work spaces who are of importance and in higher parts of the hierarchy to do more in the practice of equality in all spaces it’s so pertinent because it affects how we deal with challenges when they arrive as opposed to dealing with violence we learn to speak to each other and progress as a nation,” Ammara said.

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Freeman real name Emegy Slyvester Chizanga concurred with Ammara saying as influential people in society it is their duty to raise awareness against Gender Based Violence.

“I am so honoured to be part of this initiatives which speaks more to the elimination of violence against women. As a musician I have been trying to reach out to my fan base teaching them about gender based violence and imploring them to desist from violence. Real love does not hurt and cannot settle for less. As an artist my duty is to speak against these evils that are found in our society.  I call upon fellow musicians to speak with one voice in condemning gender based violence,” said the Ngaibake hit maker.

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