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US$40k Not Executive Gratuitous Gesture: CCC Legislators


Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislators have defended the controversial US$40 000 given to all Members of Parliament saying the money was not an executive gratuitous gesture as the loans followed due processes.

Addressing journalists in Harare on Wednesday, CCC Parliamentary caucus chairperson Prosper Mutseyami said the money they received from government are loans they will repay just like the vehicle loan scheme.

“The loans have always been repaid, where there has been a default, Parliament has instituted legal proceedings and court records are public, in some cases vehicles have been seized at toll gates like for Hounourable Hwende, Chinanzvavana, Caston Matewu and my vehicle, it was taken at toll gate as I got in Masvingo Town and some of these issues are still in court,” said Mutseyami.

He added that the loan was not an executive gratuitous gesture as it was included in the mid-term supplementary budget that was approved by parliament.

“The suggestion in some quarters that loans are donations is not correct. In the mid-term supplementary budget of September 2022 approved in September, provision for a housing vehicle loan for about USD40 000. The loan was understood as genuine part of the MPs welfare.

“The loan is therefore not a surprise executive instrument but that one that went through the due process of appropriation as is provided in our constitution of our country. It is not discretionary issue or an executive gratuitous gesture unlike grants,” said Mutseyami.

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The Dangamvura-Chikanga legislator said the loans have nothing to do with the deplorable state of public service, blaming the state of the economy on Zanu PF’s 42 years of mismanaging and misallocating public funds.

“The loan in question is above board and is no excuse for State failure or the deplorable state of public service.

“It is no excuse for 42 years of mismanagement and misallocation of public resources and most certainly the loan cannot bribe or delay a cause that is for us. We therefore reject the equalization, we are not Zanu and they have never been Zanu and I have never been Zanu and we will never be Zanu PF, we are CCC,” added Mutseyami.

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