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Betting Company Bezbets  In Fraud Scandal

Betting Company Bezbets  In Fraud Scandal

A betting company Bezbets is involved in a fraud scandal after it failed to pay a winner more than US$5 000 for placing more than US$50 which is not part of their betting policy.

Since last year, the complaint has been placing bets of more than US$50 and according to his account he once won more than $5 000 and has been withdrawing the money until today Bezbets refused to pay him his money.

Bezbets also failed to give a payout to other punters who have placed bets of more than US$50.

The complainant said from the US$5 400 he won today, Bezbets is saying they can give him a payout of US$1 800 which is equivalent to US$50 per stake.

The company reportedly issued a verbal statement saying they do not give a payout of more than US$50.

“They have been paying me my money all along using the same bets which I used to place the similar bets which I have been placing. Today, because I have won more than US$5 000, they do not want to pay me my money.

“This is total fraud because they have not put a maximum stake on their terms and conditions policy. My worry is why is it that they do not want to give me today after they have been giving me all my stakes before,” said the complaint.

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According to Bezbets terms the minimum stake per transaction is pegged at $2 000 and it does not mention any USD stakes.

On Bezbets payout limits, a single bet is US$15 000.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Bernard Zieve from the betting company were fruitless as he refused to talk to the media.

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