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Businessman Makoni Survives Robbery Attempt, Finds Himself in Police Custody

Local businessman Clark Makoni narrowly escaped a robbery attempt on Wednesday night, only to be unexpectedly arrested and detained at Juru police station, according to Express Mail Zim.

Makoni alleges that a vehicle belonging to Assistant Commissioner Wonder Tembo, the Officer Commanding Harare province, was part of the gang involved in the robbery.

“When I went to report the attempted robbery, I was the one who was arrested. What is going on with the police? One of the robbers’ cars belongs to Commissioner Tembo. I need an explanation,” Makoni expressed in a Facebook Live video posted on Thursday.

Curiously, Makoni was allowed to keep his possessions, including two mobile phones and a bag containing an undisclosed amount of cash, while in the holding cell. This raises questions about why his personal belongings were not logged in the detention book as per standard protocol.

In the live video, Makoni is seen wearing a suit and shoes, further questioning the conditions of his detainment.

Efforts to reach police spokesperson Paul Nyati for comment were unsuccessful at the time of reporting. Makoni’s wife, Beverly, promised to provide more details after consulting with their legal counsel.

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