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CEO Africa Roundtable To Expand Into Botswana, Rwanda This Year

The CEO Africa Roundtable (CEOART), a Harare-headquartered regional high-level platform for corporate executives in both private and public sectors expects to open two new chapters in Botswana and Rwanda this year as part of its expansion into the vast African region.

The roundtable exists to connect business leaders across various economic sectors to unpack the immense potential of their businesses through networking

“We are opening an office in Botswana this year. We are also opening an office in Rwanda on the 19th of March this year,” CEOART chief executive, Kipson Gundani told executives at the Young CEOs Business Forum held in Harare.

“We are looking at setting up in Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana among other countries. We are expanding into the region and the whole idea is we want to build a rich network of CEOs across the world.”

Due to the platform’s wide range of offerings, its network has grown rapidly in the last few years, with its goal of having 10,000 chief executives join it throughout the continent in the next three years.

“We had anticipated that this network will have 10 000 CEOs within the next five years. Its three years now to go and we are happy that we are hovering above 3 000. So we are on track,” said Gundani.

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Additionally, he said that the roundtable was nearing completion on a code of conduct for its members, which will guarantee the best standards for executives in the region that adhere to global trends.

“We are in the process of finalizing it so I’m not at liberty to divulge its details because its pending board approval,” said Gundani.

Last year the CEOART opened new branches in Malawi and Zambia.

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