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CEOs Vic-Falls Conference To Focus On Reginal Partnerships

This year’s CEO Africa Roundtable annual conference will focus on rethinking the future of African businesses in the lenses of smart partnerships to overcome a myriad of economic difficulties plaguing the region.

CEO Africa Roundtable thrives to provide a viable and significant platform for championing economic growth across the continent.

The event will take place in Victoria Falls from 11 to 14 October under the theme “Towards African Renaissance: Prospering through Smart Partnerships”.

This year’s event comes at a time when the global economy continues to face headwinds in the form increasing inflation, high interest rates, low investment levels, supply chains disruptions, climate change, and the geopolitical risks.

According to the roundtable, navigating such global economic headwinds as business calls for smart partnerships and an effective platforms for rightful engagements and transacting to ensure overall national and regional economic activities creates a significant share in the global arena.

The 9th edition of CEO Africa Roundtable has evolved from a purely annual event to a permanent platform through which African decision-makers can connect with each other continuously, as well as with international investors and institutions operating on the continent.

Thus, CEO Africa Roundtable offer its members and the business leaders’ space for in-person and digital events, experts’ insights, enhance connections and transactions as well as provide room for exchange of ideas and experiences.

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In attendance will be CEOs and senior management executives, fund managers, senior government Officials, heads of academic institutions, heads of international institutions and multilateral companies, diverse specialists from across the key sectors of the economy and drivers of economic change from across the globe.

Prominent speakers at the event will be Shingayi Mutasa, the Group CEO of Masawara, Obey Chimuka, the founder and Group CEO of Fossil Group, West Property chairman Kenneth Sharpe and Justin Bgoni, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange CEO.

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