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Chamisa Calls for Unity and Peaceful Resolution Amid Political Tensions

Former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has called for unity and peaceful resolution amid ongoing political tensions.

Speaking to citizens, Chamisa underscored the importance of resolving national disputes through peaceful means, saying the approach reflects strength and a deep commitment to the nation’s future.

“Fellow citizens, may I hasten to say, the following and exhaustion of available remedies and peaceful means to resolve national issues is not a manifestation of weakness or that we are devoid of other ideas and means.

“It is our strict commitment to finding each other and amicably resolving our points of conflict, disjuncture, and disagreement,” Chamisa said whilst advocating for dialogue and cooperation.

Chamisa said millions of Zimbabweans support this approach, recognizing the country’s beauty and fragility.

He warned against allowing political disputes to disrupt peace, saying that the absence of peace leaves everyone as losers.

“Our beautiful country can never progress on the back of disunity and successive disputed national processes including contested elections. We are acutely aware of the urgency of this matter and more importantly that there can never be any talk of 2028 or a viable and stable future for this country without resolving August 2023, the broken past, and disputed politics,” Chamisa said, pointing out the necessity of addressing past grievances to secure a stable future.

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Chamisa revealed his extensive efforts to engage various stakeholders, including traditional leaders, business executives, civil society, political parties, and members of the diplomatic corps.

He has also sought the mediatory role of church leaders to help resolve the disputed elections and political stalemates.

“In particular, I have also sought the mediatory role of the church leadership to help resolve the disputed elections and contested national processes, albeit, with handicapped progress. I have even numerous times sought engagement with the other presidential contender, and he is aware of our point of dispute and the proposed way forward. We have also developed and shared our roadmap with all key stakeholders, which paper we are ready to make public in due course,” said the former opposition leader

Furthermore, Chamisa said he has engaged regional leaders and heads of state within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to brief them on the election dispute and political stalemate, seeking their support for a peaceful resolution.

Chamisa urged Zimbabweans to actively participate in shaping the nation’s destiny through peaceful means.

“I therefore urge you to take an active role in peacefully determining the destiny of our country. I exhort you, fellow citizens, the intercessors, and the church, to continue to pray for a smooth and peaceful transition in our country. Stay the course, hold the fort, hold fast and stand involved. Stand ready. Change is upon us,” he concluded.

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