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Chamisa Tears Into Mnangagwa Over Abductions


Opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa took aim at President Emmerson Mnangagwa following the abduction and torture of the members of the party’s youth assembly.

Speaking after visiting the three who are admitted a local health facility, Chamisa said Mnangagwa was aware of the abductions as it was a design from the past.

“We have more reason to believe that Mr Mnangagwa is aware of all this because it is a pattern that happened in the country. We have seen that across the year 2019 we recorded a total of about 49 abductions of this nature and they have the audacity to want to lie to the world that this is all self-inflicted, it’s all false abductions when it is clear that the pattern is the same and the intentions are known,” said Chamisa

He said the abductions were meant to preserve the illegitimate regime and protect Mnangagwa.

“It is all meant to preserve an illegitimate regime. It is meant to defend an unelected regime. It is meant to protect Mr Mnangagwa, what is clear is that those people who are doing it are doing it on behalf of Mr Mnangagwa. What makes it so obvious is the fact that Mr Mnangagwa has never condemned.

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“Not a single arrest has been done of all these cases. One wonders why if a police commissioner or spokesperson had confirmed that they had custody of these young girls, they then turn around and say they didn’t know about these arrests,” he said

Chamisa said the country had become a hot spot of human rights abuses and torture against the girl child.

“Zimbabwe has become a hot spot of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity. This inhumane and degrading treatment is torture against the girl child, women, and citizens. Assuming that they (the girls) had committed a crime there were supposed to be taken to a police station, court and be tried and sentenced. We see it as a continuation of the old ugly past, the past that has been associated with the kind of torture that we have seen”

Chamisa said one of the victims had confided that the assailants are well known individuals.

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