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Chitungwiza Withdraws Demolition Order

Chitungwiza municipality has succumbed to pressure from advocacy groups to withdraw a demolition Order which it issued on 30 December 2021 threatening to raze down structures illegally built by residents at one of the dormitory town’s Shopping Centre.
In a letter to Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), Chitungwiza municipality said they would adhere to the constitution and town planning regulations to demolish illegal structures.
Chitungwiza municipality’s move follows demands by ZLHR on behalf of CHITRES for the local municipality to withdraw the Demolition Order which it had issued threatening to demolish “buildings and durawalls” at Town Center Unit D Shopping Center.
In its 30 December 2021 demolition order published in a local newspaper, Chitungwiza municipality told residents who had erected structures to demolish them and restore the land to its original state.
“Notice is hereby given that it has come to the attention of Council that at Town Centre Unit D Shopping Centre illegal structures (buildings and durawall) are in the process of being put up or have been put up without council approval.
“Therefore, take note that in terms of Section 35 of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12) you are ordered to; Demolish any structures erected and remove all the rubble from the land, Restore the land to its original state,” reads the demolition order.
In response, ZLHR asked Chitungwiza municipality to withdraw the Demolition Order which it issued threatening to demolish structures built at Town Centre Unit D Shopping Centre.
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