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Chiwenga’s Security Aide Throws Marry Mubaiwa Under The Bus

A former security guard who testified in the trial of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s ex wife Marry Mubaiwa has thrown the former model under the bus telling the court that she bossed the former Army General and tried to stop him from seeking medical attention.

Tawanda Dzungudza who stood in the witness stand narrated to the court how Mubaiwa treated Chiwenga when he was battling for his life in 2019.

“I went to offer security to the accused person.

“We picked up the complainant and the accused, and took them to the airport, when we got to the airport there were two airoplanes with VP, Marry, me and Sibanda taking the small plane and the rest got in another plane.

“We landed at Lanceria airport and went to Sheraton hotel. Accused decided for us to go the hotel but the plans were to go to netcare hospital first. We left the two in their room and we left. In the following morning the complainant was not taken to hospital and he did not receive any medical attention but we then later went to hospital at around 1700hrs,” Dzungudza told the court.

The court also heard that there was one doctor from netcare hospital who came and examined Chiwenga before calling the security and taking him to hospital.

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Dzungudza also testified that on the 24 June 2019 around 10am they then followed to the hospital.

Security team left the hospital room leaving only him, Mubaiwa and Chiwenga in the room.

The Vice President’s security team were told to leave because Mubaiwa needed some privacy.


He also told the court that the relationship between the Chiwenga’s security team, Mubaiwa and hospital staff was not so friendly as the former model could challenge them, sometimes blocking them from seeing Chiwenga when he was sick.

He added, “There was one Dr Bruce whom would always come with us, and he was introduced to us by the accused and I used to leave the three of them and I would go out.

“On the 8th of July we went to Hospital from Sheraton hotel, around 10am we stayed there for 5-6 hours and when we wanted to leave Marry told VP to accompany her to the car park and VP on life support and he had tubes planted on his chest and he was unable to accompany Mubaiwa. I went to the door where Major Nyoni was and I told him that we were on our way out and within a short time we saw Mubaiwa holding Chiwenga’s hand exiting the door and now there were no tubes now on VP’s chest. I do not know how the tubes were removed,” he said.

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“Major Nyoni then questioned the accused where he was taking VP, he then took VP back to the room and VP was bleeding from the chest,” added Dzungudza.

He also said Mubaiwa was only causing confusion and trying to block Chiwenga from seeking medical attention, giving example of the time when they went to China.

He said the plane was delayed by 3 hours because Mubaiwa was causing confusion on who to go with.

However, during Cross examination, Mubaiwa’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa questioned Dzungudza if Chiwenga was fully aware of what was happening and could be able to make decisions and he confirmed.

Mtetwa then queried why would he say that Marry was in his full senses and control if Chiwenga could then talk and make decisions for himself.

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