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CIMAS Adds New Inflation-Proof Packages

Leading medical aid service provider, CIMAS has moved to address the payment challenges faced by its clients  who due to the current inflationary pressures have been forced to top up money to access healthcare services.

In a statement last week, CIMAS said three international packages namely Healthguard Deluxe, Healthguard Essential and Healthguard Classic provided by its international subsidiary Healthguard International have been added on top of its normal offers.

According to CIMAS, this will result in little or no shortfalls for most healthcare services covered by these packages.

“They are United States dollar denominated packages, with both contributions and benefits payable in United States dollars,” reads the statement.

Cimas also has three comprehensive packages which are Private Hospital Plus, Medexec and Prime which are local currency denominated.

“The standard packages will be Basicare, which limits benefits to public and mission health institutions and Cimas clinics, iCare, which is a package for individuals, and Private Hospital. Shortfalls are likely to continue with these packages, except at Cimas facilities. These are also ZWL denominated,” read the release.

Cimas Chief Executive, Vuli Ndlovu said that Cimas’ primary concern was to promote the health of its members and ensure they have access to quality affordable healthcare.

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“As one of the leading and one of the oldest medical aid societies in the country, we are able to offer our members the security of our experience and quality healthcare facilities they can readily access at little or no cost as long as they are within their benefit limits,” Ndlovu said.

CIMAS added that the decision to restructure its packages was aimed at preserving and adding value of the services it offer to its clients.

“As part of our strategy to preserve and add to the value of the services that we offer we have restructured our medical aid packages to enable those who can and wish to contribute in US dollars and so preserve the value of their benefits to do so and to enable those who can afford to pay a market and fund linked contribution to do so too in order to minimize shortfalls. Our clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities that we run offer members a service that is free and of a high quality,” added Ndlovu.

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