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Confusion As Councilor Disputes Funding For Harare City Football Club

Funding for Harare City Football Club continues to be shrouded in controversy with Ward 27 Councilor, Herbert Gomba disputing the $2 million annual sponsorship for the team by the Harare City Council.

Residents are up in arms with the Harare City Council for allocating a whopping $2 million annual sponsorship to Harare City Football Club at a time service delivery is at its low.

According to the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA), Harare City Football Club has been turned into a looting platform by city bigwigs.

The residents’ association is concerned over the lack of transparency on the sponsorship of Harare City Football Club, a development which prompted Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni to quit as the club’s patron in March this year.

Responding to a Facebook post by CHRA, Councilor Gomba, who is also the Chairperson of the Environmental Management Committee queried the $2 million sponsorship for Harare City Football Club saying the team was getting $400 000.

His position contradicts a public announcement by the Harare City Council Spokesperson, Michael Chideme who last week announced that the total sports budget for Harare City Council was $5.5 million of which $2 million was allocated to Harare City Football Club.

“Well, what you know ($2 million) and what I know is different. It’s $400000. If you choose to do selective understanding and belief then it’s not my problem. I am the maker of policy and Mr. Chideme tells you the policy. If you want to listen to the one who waits for food not the cooker then it’s not my problem,” said Gomba.

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According to Chideme, Harare City Council sports budget is broken down as follows; golf- $100 000, volleyball- $255. 743, netball $323-333, basketball- $1 376.124, inter-cities tournament- $100 000, women’s soccer- $500.000, junior soccer- $475 000, councilors ward sports kits acquisition- $180 000, ward sports facilities development- $150 000, council sports tournament- $150 000, senior men’s soccer (Harare City Football Club)- $2 million.

In response to Gomba’s comment, CHRA expressed concern over the discord coming from Town House adding that at one time, Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni confirmed Harare City Football Club was being funded to the tune of $2 million.

Residents who commented on the issue expressed concern over the abuse of public funds at Harare City Council.

CHRA is on record saying that the lack of transparency and accountability at Harare City Council justifies any form of action, including protests, from residents.

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