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CSOs Demand Implementation of Motlanthe Commission Recommendations

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has cranked the heat on Government seeking the latter to implement recommendations made from the Motlanthe Commission of Inquiry.

Six people namely Challenge Tauro (20), Jealous Chikandira (21), Brian Zhuwawo (26), Ishmael Kumire (41), Gavin-Dean Charles (45) and Sylvia Maphosa (53) lost their lives in the aftermath of protests after delays by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) in announcing presidential poll results.

Speaking during a roundtable discussion to measure progress on implementation of the recommendations, CiZC Chairperson Peter Mutasa said there is lack of political will on the part of Government and have engaged chairperson of the commission Kgalema Motlanthe

“The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition has engaged victims of the August 1, 2018 shootings and relatives of the deceased and it came out during the engagements that there is a lack of political will by the government to implement the Motlanthe Commission of Inquiry recommendations. In light of this challenge, we have also engaged His Excellency, Kgalema Motlanthe raising our concern over the stance of the Zimbabwean government. At a local level, we have also engaged locals who were part of the Motlanthe commission of Inquiry,” said Mutasa

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Allison Charles who lost her brother Gavin said it’s painful that perpetrators have not been brought to book despite the inquiry.

“I still do not like to talk about it; it’s still a very painful thing to talk about, it is still very raw. He left a daughter who is still in high school. She does not have a father now to back her up and pay her school fees. It is not about money, it is about moral support that we had. They took her father away from her and there has been nothing done. It is four years down the line and no one has even apologised to the family,” said Charles

Maxwell Tauro who lost his son, Challenge said life has not been normal for him as he lost a breadwinner and wishes justice prevail.

“It is still painful to understand what happened with Challenge, I have lost dignity and I cannot identify myself as human being. There are people back home who are doing rites on the graves of their relatives but I cannot do that on Challenge’s grave because I cannot afford it. He was a breadwinner, someone I could depend on. Life has been on a stand still since then,” said Tauro

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Mutasa acknowledged that the coalition had received a response from Motlanthe’s office saying they will engage at the end of this month.

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