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Debate Wisely On Electoral Reforms, Chamisa Tells MPs

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader, Nelson Chamisa has called on Parliament to seize the opportunity to address the challenges undermining the credibility and legitimacy of elections in the country.

Posting on Twitter, Chamisa highlighted key areas that need urgent attention to ensure fair and transparent electoral processes.

“Today, Parliament considers the Electoral reforms and amendments bill. May Zimbabwe never miss this special moment and opportunity to deal with all the challenges that undermine the credibility and legitimacy of our elections.

“As Mps are girding their loins to debate this bill, it’s important to consider the right to vote especially the diaspora vote. Access to and audit the voters’ roll which must be verified, approved and signed off by all contesting parties and candidates before the election.

“Real time announcement of the election results. Security of the vote and voter. No command voting through abuse of the chiefs, village heads and farm owners.  Prohibition of forcing of villagers to declare illiteracy to qualify as assisted voters,” tweeted Chamisa

Chamisa raised the issue of the weaponization of food aid and handouts meant for disadvantaged communities, which have been used to influence or alter their political choices.

“Stopping the weaponization of food aid and handouts meant for disadvantaged community beneficiaries to influence or change their political choices. Let the citizens freely, peacefully and independently decide and choose their leaders.”  said Chamisa

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For years, Zimbabwe’s elections have been marred by violence, voter intimidation and allegations of rigging, leading to disputed results with stakeholders calling for reforms.

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