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Facts You Didn’t Know About Ammara Brown

Ammara Brown will today launch her long awaited album ‘Ammartia’ at The Venue in Avondale this evening. The songbird has proved her mettle in recent years through her singles Wanchu Want, Akiliz and featured Tytan in his hit song Mukoko.

263Chat had the chance to host her for an interview to speak about her journey to stardom. The up-close and personal session revealed some very interesting facts which you didn’t know about Ammara Brown.

Ammara was born on September 6, 1988 and she is  the daughter to the late Andy Brown and Soraya Khan, not Chiwoniso Mararire as many people would assume. Chengeto, her step sister is the one born to both the deceased Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Maraire.

Her first professional experience was at the age of nine where she auditioned for an Olivine cooking oil advert and made it which got her “to meet and mix with uncle Tuku” according to her.

From there she contested in the Idols East and Southern Africa and made it into the top 10.

“I was so happy l didn’t win because i wasn’t ready, i was just 19” she said laughing.

Later she dropped out of College where she was studying music after she had finished her third year to pursue her musical career full time.

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“You can’t be a great student and a great proffessional at the same time” said Ammara Brown.

She is also a single mother, she fell pregenant in her early 20s but refused to get married.

“I didn’t feel like we would grow together,I loved him but not enough to get married” she said.

She doesn’t feel comfortable perfoming with her shoes on.

“The stage is a sacred place to me and when i take off my shoes I’m humbling myself , I’m also grounding myself and giving the other side of me that is bare” said Ammara.

Meanwhile Ammara has promised to release the long awaited Akiliz video on the same date of the album launch.


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