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This will short and riddled with typos. ZESA non existence means my internet and PC are down. But they shall not prevail!! Thank God for the smartphone!!

This weekend Chelsea remain shocking!! City run riot, Liverpool still underwhelming and how bout those Gunner’s.

12115953_10207846726467507_2604368114443061203_nChelsea lost at home again and against 11 men again. Kinda crazy to think all their wins have come against 10 men or less. These hard times for mourinho, but hey he still remains arrogant as ever. Now Southampton under Koeman are no push overs, but u expect Chelsea to win this one at home. Terry looked bad. Mane and pelle exposed him time and time again. As a mate of mine said, ivanovic must have some mourinho nude pics lying about. Mou keeps playing him and he keeps getting skinned. This time it was tadic who made him look silly. Where does mou go from here?? Player mutiny at Chelsea?? You’ve got to wonder!!!

City went out to prove everyone wrong. A 6-1 win is always a good way to do that. Hey Newcastle suck but 6, is a bit much. Aguero scored 5 all by himself, in 20 minutes. Sorry Sergio, that’s not good enough, Lewandowski did it 9 bro. No surprise, the win coincided with return of David Silva. DeBryne, what a goal. Mou, I’m sure you could use a player like him right about now he he he!!!

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Liverpool drew. Brandon Rodgers was fired. It was coming. They were really average. If they get Klopp, Liverpool might make things interesting this season. We wait with baited breath. All my Liverpool mates are having a party!!

Arsenal v Man Utd
It was over in 20 mins. Arsenal buried their visitors, with Ozil and Sanchez running the show. U never expect Arsenal to win this game. No matter how good their are, they always lose this game. Way to turn it around and in style too. Ozil finally came to the party in a big game.
For Utd it’s a wake up call. They really hadn’t played anyone at all (Liverpool, u were no one under Rodgers ), and DeGea saved them time and time again. There was no saving them this time, and they were exposed by a better team. They should be better for it though.
Martial is the real deal people. That boy has everything and at 19 years old he will be scary!! Rooney looks finished. Depay looks overrated, and why would u play schweni and Carrick at the same time??? SMH!!
Go Gunners!!!


1. City jump back to first spot with a comprehensive win. Silva back, Aguero firing.
2. Arsenal jump to 2 overcoming their nemesis
3. Utd drop to 3 here. No shocker here.
7. Liverpool, expect them to rise under klopp (if it’s him)

Chelsea remain shocking!!!

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