Extend Funding To All Parties, Govt Told

Opposition movement, the Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) has appealed to government to extend the political parties funding to all parties to enable them to campaign fluidly.

Currently, political party funding is disbursed to parties with five percent parliamentary votes, a situation that leaves out the bigger chunk of opposition parties.

Traditionally, the ruling Zanu-PF and opposition MDC Alliance have been sharing the money between themselves.

However, IPD party leader Herbert Chamuka called on government to change that provision and allow smaller parties to enjoy the government support.

Chamuka said since it is unlawful for political parties to get sponsorship from donors, the government must up with ways to ensure the sustainability of the smaller parties.

“What we ask from the government is that we have some political parties that are registered but you see the funding only going to the people in parliament while other countries give everyone campaign funds, isn’t it that the government does not allow us to get money from the donors?

“It means the government should give us when we go for elections. Those are the bills that(President Emmerson) Mr Mnangagwa should be amending not amending bills that people should get arrested, not amending bills that certain people should stay in jail,” Chamuka told 263Chat from his base in South Africa.

In 2018, more than 100 political parties contested for various seats but only three parties are represented in the National Assembly.

This has led to the ruling party wantonly amending bills, some which are autocratic in nature.

“What about amending things that make the country a better place and people enjoy living in their country. So we are asking that IPD should do its job moving forward,” Chamuka questioned.

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