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Fans Send Words Of Encouragement To Troubled Madam Boss

Popular comedienne, Tarisai “Madam Boss” Chikocho is receiving messages of support from her legion of fans following revelations that her husband, Ngoni Munetsiwa has been cheating on her and even impregnated his mistress identified as Evangelista Zhou.

Reports say Madam Boss on Monday clashed with her husband’s mistress who had been kept hidden in Chitungwiza ever since rumour of the adulterous relationship broke out.

Following the news, Madam Boss took to Facebook hinting that she is managing the predicament.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have,” she wrote on Facebook.

Reacting, fans took to the comments section to share their words of encouragement while some advised her to leave the marriage.  · 


“People think Ma celebrities haarwadziwe ..those are people who go through a lot they can’t just vent whatever is going on around them to anyone they choose to be quite ..May you come back stronger from whatever its is ..you got this,” Facebook user Ashford Ashbragger Chimombe commented.

“Usavape zvavari kuda. Kunyarara kunokunda kutaura.No response is a response. Soldier on Soko,” another user Phyllis Amy Weston said advising her not to comment much on the issue and just let things die down.

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“If you are going to stay, madam boss, stop being a snake, people killing each other, and you know the story. A woman, stand up like a hero and fight your own battles, don’t let people in, we may be trying to calm you down, so stay calm,” Lindiwe Nhombo

“Madam Boss don’t give up girl. You’re so beautiful and strong. Many people wish to be like you. Yes life is so complicated sometimes but zvese zvinopfuura. Apana chisingaperi. Apana dambudziko risingagadziriki. I have got a very special message for you but it’s too personal and confidential. Forward you go, backwards never. Don’t forget who you are. You are a Royal queen holding a crown needed by many. All eyes are on you.” Rachael Moyana.

The two have been married for eight years and they share a child together.

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