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FBC Migrates To Latest Banking Platform Version In The World

FBC Bank and Building Society (the flourishing commercial and mortgage financing subsidiaries of the diversified FBC Group) will be migrating from the current version of the core banking platform to a robust, efficient, state-of-the art and latest version of its kind running on the global market.

The disruptive and ground-breaking transition is in line with the FBC Group’s Innovation and Digital Transformation thrust.

Roy Nyakunuwa (Acting Head-FBC Group Marketing) said, “We are excited to announce an exciting and game changing end-to-end system upgrade that will result in the migration of the FBC Bank and Building Society banking platform to a higher version from Saturday 10 August to Tuesday, 13 August 2019. A culmination of the upgrade will be an enhanced customer experience for our valued clients across all the FBC Banking channels and significantly amplified quality as well as utility of service delivery channels”.

During the migration process, banking services that include internet  banking, SMS alerts, email alerts and merchant crediting will not be available for access by FBC customers.

However,  Zimswitch transactions, Mobile Moola transactions ( with the exception of internal transfers), Merchant POS transactions, All mobile money transactions and ZIMRA POS transactions banking services will be available to our valued customers and will be accessible as usual.

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“All systems and processes are expected to be up and running on Wednesday, 14th of August 2019 given the thorough preparation by members of the FBC Group’s internal and external technical teams,” added Mr Nyakunuwa

FBC Holdings, which has been recently recognised as one of the country’s Top Five Listed Companies in the Zimbabwe Quoted Companies Survey, is dedicated towards supporting sustainable digital processes and creative innovations for driving the delivery of superb service across click-and-mortar service delivery channels.

“The upgrade is in line with the FBC Group’s commitment towards offering secure, reliable and high quality financial services to all clients through the continuous adoption of world-class banking systems for meeting the unique needs of our existing and prospective clients. The new platform will bring about significant benefits for our valued clients. For instance, individual customers will be able to register themselves for internet in the comfort of their homes or offices without the bank’s involvement once an account has been opened. It will also allow customers to access Do-it-Yourself (DIY) services such as resetting own password and setting up budget categories for tracking their spending,” said Roy Nyakunuwa.

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