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Film Celebrating People With Disabilities Premieres Tomorrow

A film focusing on the rights of people with disabilities titled “Even Our Dreams” is set to premiere tomorrow in Harare.

Produced by Human and Women’s Rights Advocate Nyaradzo Mashayamombe, the film depicts a story of people with disability in a Zimbabwean community and their everyday capabilities, beliefs, resilience, challenges, love life and dreams.

The National Association of Societies for the Care of the Handicapped, (NASCOH) estimates that Zimbabwe has more than 10% of its people with disabilities.

However, they occupy a sub-class without access to everyday adequate resources that most citizens take for granted: education, mobility, accessibility, employment and more. The women and girls who make more than 52%, are more susceptible to gender-based violence and HIV.

Some are committed to horrifying institutions or are kept hidden in communities far from opportunities and education.

Mashayamombe said she is excited about the film.

“ I’m excited about the closely coming premier of #EvenOurDreams a film I produced in a wonderful partnership with my friends Dr Olivia Gumbo⁩ and ⁨Douglas Gumbo⁩ who run the NGO, REHUBCD for children with disabilities. The film is also supported by TaLI our NGO for girls and young women.”

The film also looks at an important aspect where disability is concerned, the perspective of caregivers, guardians, siblings and fellow community members who interact with them on a daily basis. Emphasis is placed on how they are ‘no less of humans’ than other able-bodied people and it showcases some of the innovative ways they have found to make a living and progress in life.

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It challenges societal attitudes and social perceptions by demonstrating the power of humanity, cooperation, self-determination and what can be accomplished against all odds.

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