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Fuel Business Partners Embroiled in Legal Dispute

Two fuel dealers, who are also business collaborators, are currently embroiled in a legal battle over an alleged failure to deliver 70,000 litres of fuel despite payment.

Bell Petroleum, the bulk fuel supplier represented by Daniel Guzha, faces accusations of fraud and has been granted bail of US$500.

According to Prosecutor Thomas Chanakira, Guzha, acting on behalf of Bell Petroleum, had a history of delivering fuel to Platinum Island, represented by Tinashe Cheryl Mupingo, upon receiving payment for the deliveries. However, the recent transactions have led to discord.

Platinum Island reportedly contracted Bell Petroleum to supply 40,000 litres of diesel on March 19, paying US$60,000 for the fuel, which was duly delivered. Subsequently, on March 22, Guzha’s company was engaged to provide another 40,000 litres, receiving US$57,000, but only delivering 20,000 litres.

Allegations arise that Guzha later slashed fuel prices to US$1.28 per litre and informed Platinum Island, who paid US$140,000 for 120,000 litres, expecting the outstanding 20,000 litres to be delivered. However, Guzha failed to fulfill the agreement, prompting legal action.

Prosecutor Chanakira states, “The accused person acknowledged receipt of the money and delivered 49,987 litres on 7 and 10 April and promised to deliver the balance 70,013 litres. The complainant followed up, but the accused person became evasive giving several excuses.”

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Further investigations revealed discrepancies, with Platinum Island allegedly in possession of forged delivery notes. Consequently, Platinum Island incurred a loss of US$95,502 due to the failed transaction.

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