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Harare Businessman Takes Legal Action Against Fraudulent Title Deeds


Harare businessman Tendai Mashamhanda is fighting against what he claims are fraudulent title deeds that have put his property ownership at risk. The plaintiff, represented by Rangarirai & Co. Legal Practitioners, alleges that the defendants have unlawfully laid claim to a piece of land he rightfully purchased.

The defendants named in the lawsuit include Bariade Investments (Private) Limited, Tendai Biti Law, the Sheriff of the High Court of Zimbabwe, Puwayi Chiutsi, Elliot Rogers, and The Registrar of Deeds. According to court documents, Mashamhanda acquired a certain piece of land in February 2019, only to later discover conflicting claims to the property.

Allegations outlined in the legal document suggest that Bariade Investments purportedly acquired the property through auction, leading to a contentious legal dispute. Despite Mashamhanda’s lawful ownership and substantial investments in improving the property, the defendants allegedly proceeded to lay claim to it.

Key irregularities highlighted in the case include fraudulent documents submitted to the Registrar of Deeds, including a purported Special Power of Attorney and flawed title transfer procedures. The plaintiff argues that these irregularities render the defendants’ claims invalid and unlawful.

Furthermore, it is alleged that actions taken by the defendants, including the attempted sale in execution, were based on fraudulent documentation and hold no legal standing. The plaintiff seeks the cancellation and annulment of the deed of transfer registered in favor of Bariade Investments, along with costs of the suit against the defendants.

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The legal battle underscores the importance of upholding the integrity of property rights and the diligence required in land transactions. As the case unfolds, it raises questions about the adequacy of regulatory oversight and the consequences of fraudulent practices in the real estate sector.

The matter is currently pending before the courts, with Mashamhanda seeking justice and restitution for what he alleges to be a wrongful deprivation of his property rights.

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