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Gonyeti’s Anne Kansime Dream

Bustop TV’s Samantha Kureya popularly known as Gonyeti sees herself in the shoes of one of the most revered stand-up comedians in Africa, Anne Kansime and is determined to work hard until that dream is realized.

Gonyeti is alive to the fact that it only takes hard work to match Kansime’s level and for her, the journey towards her dream started on the day she was ushered on the stage for first ever comedy show.

This Saturday, Gonyeti is set to headline the “Meet the people” comedy show at Ambassador Hotel together with other seasoned stand up comedians like Tinaye, Mai Titi.

In an interview with 263Chat, Bustop TV Producer, Lucky Aaroni said the comedian and actor, Gonyeti has been working more stand up comedy to allow her to perfect her art.

“Gonyeti has been working more on stage comedy with the support of Bustop TV, to make sure that she has the right platforms to perform.


“Every month we make sure she performs twice or more on different platforms such as the Doc Vikela comedy tour as well as hosting functions like weddings among other events” said Aaroni.

According to Aaroni, comedy is no-longer easy because of social in particular Whatsapp which is the reason why comedians have to burn candles if they are to create exciting material.

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He added that as Bustop TV their aim is to balance between skits and comedy, in the same manner Ugandan comedian Annie Kansime does it.

On the 2nd of July, Gonyeti will be marking her first anniversary since she started stand-up comedy and Aaroni said it has been possible through the support of fans and sponsors who made it possible.

“Team work has helped her to be where she is today, so many things happens everyday but she has not looked back from the very first day she ushered herself on the big stage,” said Aaroni.

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