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Govt Promises To Meet Needs Of People With Disabilities

The Ministry of  Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare has expressed commitment to do everything in its power to meet the needs of People with Disabilities with consultations for a draft national disability policy already underway.

In his address during the launch of the Nationwide Consultations for the Draft National Disability Policy and the Persons with Disabilities Bill, social welfare minister, Professor Paul Mavhima said that the consultations will take on board all the People with disabilities.

“We are here to launch a series of consultative processes National Disabilities Policy and the Persons With Disabilities Bill. The government is committed to fulfilling, promoting, protecting and respecting the rights of the Persons with Disabilities hence a whole section of the constitution in Zimbabwe that is section 83 is dedicated to them,” said Mavhima.

The consultations will take place over a period of two months in all provinces of the country.

People with disabilities feel that the current laws do not meet their rights and have been calling for their inclusion in the crafting of the new charter.

“I want you to be assured that this transition will be an inclusion of the Person with Disabilities,” said Mavhima.

“We will continue to push for more resources to be released to the Ministry. We will also continue to engage partners so that more resources will be diverted to People Living With Disabilities,” added Mavhima.

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The Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare has been working tirelessly to formulate a national disability policy (Zimbabwe has never had one), which will guide the formulation of disability laws and programs in the country.

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