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The Greatness Perspective with Liberty Mwariwangu Sr.


Being born into the planet earth should come with an undeniable expectation that bad things will happen. Factors that will make you cry or sometimes hate why you were born will be inevitable even to the good people.

During such precarious moments, some whine as they brand themselves inventors of bad omen and monopolies of misfortune, relegating the greatest life-transforming asset they have in possession-the Human mind to wishing and begging. While many times only a few make a robust resolve to be inspired by their misfortunes and inspire positivity and a sense of worth into others around them.

We should come to a realization that in most cases good things follow hard times, not because the former exist in parallel with the later, but because hardship is the ointment that nourishes our eyes to see and appreciate the good around us.

An understanding that hardship is the raw material of all progress should be coined within us.

Such a mental perspective will inspire you never to throw in the towel but capitalize on situations that are against you, using them for own advantage. You will glean the dexterity of survival and winning through experiencing adversity. Hardship is a tool that God uses to squeeze potential out of us.

The above is true as the famous quote by a Dayton, Ohio-bred Wilbur Wright said: “No bird soars in a calm.” Calmness is a myth most fools wait for.

They wait for a time when resources are allowing to get an education, start a business or reach out to achieve certain life objectives. They wait for things to happen, instead of them happening to things. Let us learn from the attitude of an ancient Oriental augur who declared: “If the mountain does not come to me, I go to the mountain.” Acquire a realization that the only person and resource you have in control is chiefly you; things will not happen until you make them to happen.

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Stop whining about this being not the best time for a certain venture while doing nothing in the interim. This mental slothfulness will make you the living-dead and a moving grave. You will be synonymous with the dead in more ways; the only exception would be the breath in your nostrils.

Be a doer, intoxicate yourself in action until you get accustomed to it as breathing is to you, you don’t put effort to do it. Mental drudgery can cause you to wait for eternity, continue the rat-race of mediocrity and pass it on to the next generation. Eagles glide the highest altitudes during storms. The best way to start is to start and you can never become until you begin.


An ancient Hebrew sage wrote; “He who observes the wind will not sow, And he who re-guards the clouds will not reap.” History has record of a Jewish patriarch who planted in the year of drought and reaped a hundred-fold. Venture out, set objectives for yourself but not limits, the word “Impossible” itself can be read “I’m possible.”

It sounds good this way as it inspires you to reach further. Engage people of different classes and widen your prospects. “Collaboration has no hierarchy. The sun collaborates with the soil to bring flowers on the earth.” Amit Ray said.

The best time is now and now is the only time you have, maximize it. Approach life with an open mind and open heart. Life is happening now, it’s your duty to make things happen, don’t wait for tomorrow for tomorrow may never come.

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Do not leave for tomorrow what can be done today. Stop looking for resources to make use of in life, your life is the biggest resource, make use of it! Some opportunities only come once in a lifetime and the chief of those is the very life you live.

You can either make Progress or Excuses but truth be told; you can never make both at the same time. You pass through this life once. Any good therefore you can do, or any kindness you can show, do it now, do not defer or neglect it. For you shall never pass this way again.

Make a resolution to make everyday count, function in your purpose and dominate through it. Refuse to
expire in potential, don’t park in the now and expire in adversities, inspire yourself.

Use hardship as a stairway to Greatness, rob the grave of your potential and make a choice to die empty having explored your potential to the fullest. You alone can make it illegal to die with dreams; no one else will make that decision for you. Collaborate with your dreams and invent the future.

Liberty Mwariwangu Sr. is an author, columnist, transformational-motivational speaker, consultant, purpose expert and senior pastor with Spirit Culture Churches Worldwide a non-denominational movement headquartered in Harare Zimbabwe. He can be reached at +263774357394 or libsmwariwangu@gmail.com

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