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Harare’s Simple Low Budget Places Ideal for Dates


Finding an ultimate choice of place to go for a date can be head cracking. In developed countries, people usually turn to Google to search for ideal places to go for a date. In Zimbabwe, while google may have such information, accessibility becomes an issue and in most cases some people may not have the know-how on how to use google maps.

By Lemuel Rangarira Chekai

Locally we do not have any baseball games nor the teams to start with but these are the kind of places Google will tell you are ideal for dates. It’s critical for us to know our local environment and context so that we don’t turn to exotic tips which may consequently ruin bonds or relationships built.

Here are some of cool, local and low budget places on can choose to look into before going for a date.


They are ideal for dates and allow the two of you to talk and bond without obstructions while nature will be spicing things naturally. Gardens situated in Harare include Botanical gardens, Paradise gardens, Africa Unity Square and Harare gardens though It’s not preferred by most people labeling it as a dating place for maids and  garden boys.

Despite the fact that Harare gardens is regarded as a dating place for the low class, it remains a choice for some as it also provides some eye catching sightings ideal for pictures and also suitable to make the two of you super comfortable in each other’s hands.

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It’s interesting how people find no fault with a movie, but fail to embrace it practically into their lives. Are we not depriving our relationships of some good and sweet things?

Touring popular sites that you haven’t been to as a couple

There are those popular places in and around Harare that you may not have been to as a couple. Longcheng Plaza, Harare International Airport, Sam Levy’s Village and Avondale Shopping Centre are among some of the popular places in Harare. Taking your partner to places like these, buy some ice creams and refreshments as you walk around doing some window shopping and trying clothes on would be really fun and would not cost you anything more than ten dollars from your pocket.

Relax in the comfort of your home

For some home cannot be regarded as ideal place for a date but then a date according to Wiktionary is “A romantic meeting or outing………..” According to that definition, irrespective of where you meet with your lover or potential lover as long as it’s a planned romantic meeting that’s a date.

So then if you are to choose a home date there’s need for some good planning, it doesn’t have to look like an ordinary visit. Selecting a good  movie to watch together and cooking are some of the activities the two of you can do or even taking a walk around your neighborhood.

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Yes! the economy may be dying but never let your romance die too.

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