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‘HAYWIRE,’ A thought Provoking Play Exploring Mental Health Staging in Harare Next Month

A new play that explores the mental health challenges faced by a man in today’s fast-paced world is set to premiere in Harare next month.

“HAYWIRE” is a production that delves into the internal and external struggles of Morris, a man who suffers from anxiety and depression.

As he tries to cope with the demands of life, he loses his connections with friends, family, partners, and colleagues. He becomes a symbol of the plight of many people who deal with mental illness in a society that stigmatizes and shames them.

The play is directed by Everson Ndlovu, a visionary performer and director whose work has been showcased nationally, regionally, and internationally.

He is also the conceptualizer of the play, which is brought to life by renowned actors Chipo Chikara-Nyoni and Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi, who serve as the creators and performers of the play.

Ndlovu said he wanted to create a play that expresses the inexpressible and challenges the audience to empathize with the characters.


“As a theatre maker, I am interested in expressing the inexpressible and I think the piece is doing exactly that. We are experimenting with playing thoughts, feelings, and emotions figuratively; making the performance extremely physical and highly engaging. The cast I am working with is amazingly talented and skilled which made the collaboration worthwhile. We are going to take the audience on a journey that’s quite immersive,” Ndlovu said.

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The play is set against the backdrop of mental illness, which Ndlovu described as the monster of our time. He said he wanted to shed light on the struggles faced by individuals dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as the broader implications for society as a whole.

“Mental illness affects each of us directly and indirectly. Through an engaging narrative, the play explores the impact of these mental health issues on the lives of individuals, as well as the broader implications for society as a whole. It serves as a reminder that mental health should be a topic of open conversation and understanding,” Ndlovu said.

“HAYWIRE” is produced and presented by Chenura Trust, a Harare media company. The production will be staged on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of March 2024 at the Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre (68 Mchlery Ave, Eastlea, Harare).

Doors open at 6:30 pm with the show starting promptly at 7 pm. Tickets are available at $5, making it an accessible event for all interested.

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