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Did Msipa Die a Bitter Man?

The continued turmoil in the Zimbabwean Socio-economic and political scene since the turn of the century, left patriotic liberation war hero Dr Cephas Msipa reflecting if the aims of the liberation struggle were indeed achieved, a former senior Zanu Pf senior official has revealed.

Speaking during the late National Hero and Midlands former Governor’s memorial service last week in Gweru Dr Msipa’s longtime friend and former Zanu Pf spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo revealed that Dr Msipa used to constantly query the current situation faced by Zimbabweans if it was what the liberation struggle fought for.

Gumbo said the death of Dr Msipa is a great loss and has left a vacuum as he was the only headstrong senior party member who could directly challenge the country’s leadership when everyone else couldn’t.

“No one else can speak and be listened to by the whole country as Cde Msipa used to. He was a people’s person and an experienced guide in the politics of Zimbabwe.

“He understood the liberation and the livelihoods of Zimbabweans. Every time I came to consult him, even on his deathbed, he continued asking me if this is what we fought for, with the suffering currently faced by Zimbabweans,” he said.

Gumbo said Dr Msipa left a void in his personal life as well.


“Cde Msipa wanted unity, emphasized on freedom and justice. Right now I feel completely isolated because there is no one else that I can consult or comment about any issue because he is no longer with us,” he added.

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The Zimbabwean icon died in October at the age of 85 at Harare’s West End Clinic after battling a lung infection .

Besides his well-documented credentials in the liberation struggle , Dr Msipa was a retired educationist who left behind a legacy which will not be easily forgotten through his dedication to charity work through the C.G. Msipa Scholarship Trust which was helping orphans and underprivileged children through their education countrywide.

The Veteran leader had increasingly become a critique of the government and its leadership on its stances in upholding liberation struggle principles on justice, freedom and democracy also highlighted by his Book, “In Pursuit of Freedom and Justice”.

Dr Msipa was born at Shabani from a family of 10, did his education at Siboza School and Dadaya Mission and later trained as a school teacher. He is one of the founder members of the African National Congress (ANC) one of the first African political groups and was also a member of the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU) that was led by the late father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Nkomo before joining Zanu Pf.

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