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Healthcare Funders Applaud Govt’s COVID-19 Response

The Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AFHoZ) has paid tribute to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration on the way it has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking during Webinar meeting on COVID-19 vaccination held recently, AFHoZ board chairman, Noah Matimba acknowledged Government’s commitment to the planned vaccination programme.

“We acknowledge the recent announcements by His Excellency E.D Mnangagwa regarding Government’s stand point on COVID-19 and planned vaccination programme.

“We also acknowledge the debates that have taken place among other members of the business community seeking to widen debate with the primary focus on sharing ideas that lead to industry and business preparedness and the consequential buildup of detailed up planning in support of Government’s vaccination initiative,” said Matimba.

He said AFHoZ took note of Government’s responsibility in providing safety and equitable administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.


“This being a pandemic we acknowledge Government’s role in mapping the w3ay forward regarding the vaccination strategy. We take note of Government’s responsibility of ensuring safety and equitability over its citizens in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of Health Ministry Permanent Secretary, Dr Jasper Chimedza, director in the ministry Mr Stephen Banda said previous experiences with vaccines have shown that the country has high vaccine acceptance.

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“The Government has put in place a number of strategies and have been implemented through nine pillars to reduce the impact of pandemic. From previous experiences with immunization programmes in this country.

“It has shown that Zimbabwe’s population has high vaccine acceptance and Zimbabwe has a very successful Extended Program Immunisation (EPI) which has cold chain warehouses in each province of the country and we also have refrigerated vehicles in all our provinces and Harare at NatPharm,” said Dr. Chimedza.

The Government said it will inoculate 60% of the population giving first preference to frontline healthcare workers, the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions.

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