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Holy Ten Trashes Voltz JT’s New Album

Award-winning hip-hop star, Holy Ten has divided opinions across social media platforms after he trashed his rival, Voltz JT’s recently released album “Life of Muvhimi.”

In a tweet making rounds on social media, the “Machills” singer fired shots at his rival saying “Life of Muvhimi” proved beyond doubt that Voltz will never surpass what he himself has achieved.

He also advised his former colleague, Saintfloew, to return to Samanyanga Sounds, Holy Ten’s record label saying it is too soon for him to stand on his own.

“1. Thank you for helping me through the hard phase. 2. Thank you Voltz for proving to the people that you’re still and will always be my son. 3. Saintfloew you’re very talented but you still need Samanyanga Sounds, be humble. 4. Leo Magozz will become the biggest artist in Zim,” wrote Holy Ten on Twitter.

He poked deeper saying for Voltz’ album to trend he (Holy Ten) will have to diss it.

“You’re blindly defending the boy, it’s cute. I just wish he had fans like mine, who force you to swallow the truth. But deep down you know that album will only trend if I troll it.”

His statements ignited a debate with some advising him to focus more on his work than negative energy.

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“Chill Mujaya u still have a lot to Do hausati wasvika level to talk this thing. U too loud .Life doesn’t need pple like u .Coper ma Notes to Voltz how Cool that person is .Focus on your growth not others .Album re energy rakangotonhora Wani but we are Quiet .Makuputika fuse?” Twitter user Telo said.

While some told him to stop hallucinating that he is bigger than Voltz.

” Hanzi you’re still my son…this has to be a joke…@Voltz_JT once said something in one of his songs…I think twas ” I don’t blame mafungiro ako cause wakatiza tyoro uchitenga two keys” dude u didn’t even come back from that…chill this is not kuvukiland,” Twitter user The Guv’nor wrote.

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