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I don’t comment on sensitive govt issues: Nyoni

Small and Medium Enterprises minister Sithembiso Nyoni has castigated fellow ministers who comment on government issues in front of the media

These sentiments surfaced at a press conference on the launch of the informal sector formalisation and cooperative policy review consultative process held in the capital yesterday where minister Nyoni refused to comment on governments’ ban of housing Cooperatives.

Minister Nyoni made it clear that she is different from ministers who open up to the media on senstitive government issues.

“Unlike other ministers i do not comment on government matters,” she said.


She said ministers have to get authority from the President.

“We deal through the right channel, everything in government needs to go through the right process and anything that do not go through the right process is void,” she said.

She also urged other cooperatives in different regions to do their work despite the rumors of cooperatives being banned, until they hear anything that comes through the right process.

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