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I Have Been Misunderstood When I Say ‘God Is In It’: Chamisa


Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa says people have often misunderstood him when he says ‘God is in it.’

The opposition leader has become synonymous with the phrase which has accompanied most of his messages on social media platforms.

In an interview with a local online publication to mark his 45th birthday, Chamisa said the expression refers to the purposes and will of God to the challenges that people encounter as a nation.

“Leadership is a calling, it’s a task, it’s not just a title and a responsibility which is a heavy burden which burden you are not able to carry by yourself. You can only carry the burden on account of providence from above and when I say God is in it, a lot of people have not understood what I mean by God is in it.

“God is in it, in the sense that any other thing that happens in this life, the life of nations, communities and human life is all authored by our father in heaven, when we say God is in it, the ups and downs, the challenges, the twist and turns all the facets of life, all the circumstances of life are for his will and purposes to be established so I see the task that I have been given as a task to lead Zimbabwe to prosperity and usher the transformational promise,” said Chamisa

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The CCC leader said there is need for a nation building mantra that goes beyond political parties in order to unite the nation.

“Yes we have the liberational generation who ushered in the liberation epoch that liberation… freedom was no fully given to citizens so the transformational mandate is a mandate we must now deliver as a generation to make sure that at this particular juncture we usher in a country unto restoration, transformation, reconstruction, modernization unto ultimately ability for people to reconcile.

“We are too divided as a people, as a country we want to be a nation we have just been a country geographical composition but beyond the boundaries of Zimbabwe north and south of the Zambezi and Limpopo and we need to bring the nation together. We need a nation building mantra, to build a nation we don’t look at political parties, we don’t look at sectors and you don’t look at gender, we look at all the various manifestation, the mosaic illustration of our population and build on the basis of truth, unity love peace, reconciliation and amity and harmony,” he said

Critics have often described Chamisa as being too soft to take the Government head on in respect of the deteriorating economic situation and the arrest of

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members of his movement.

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