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Jah Signal and Charambas Reach Amicable Agreement After Copyright Dispute

Following a recent copyright claim by gospel musicians Pastor and Amai Charamba over Jah Signal’s song “Sweetie,” both parties have reached an amicable agreement, according to a statement released by Jah Signal’s team.

The details of the agreement remain confidential, but Jah Signal has expressed “deep remorse” and “sincere apologies” to the Charambas and their fans for any distress caused by the “unintended infringement.” He acknowledges his mistake and is committed to learning from the experience and implementing measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The statement urges fans to respect the decision and refrain from online attacks or harassment directed towards either party. It emphasizes the importance of “mutual respect and understanding” and calls for embracing the resolution with positivity and looking forward to future collaborations.

The news comes after weeks of public debate and speculation surrounding the copyright claim. Many fans expressed their support for both artists, urging them to find a peaceful resolution.

While the specific terms of the agreement remain unknown, this development marks a positive step forward for both Jah Signal who was on the verge of losing his YouTube account.

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