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Journalists, Climate Advocacy Groups Collaborate to Bridge the Climate Change Knowledge Gap

In a bid to tackle the pressing issue of climate change, the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) recently organized a communication workshop in partnership with the Network for Environmental and Climate Justice.

In an interview with 263chat, CHRA director, Reuben Akili, stressed the crucial role of journalists in simplifying and disseminating climate change information to the community.

“We are of the view that the proceedings of this process will go a long way in ensuring that information is accessed easily in terms of the way it is written and then also will be able to be consumed by residents in our different areas,” Akili said

One of the key challenges facing communities, as Akili noted, is the lack of awareness about the links between climate change and everyday problems like droughts and water shortages.

“Many people don’t even know the connection between even the droughts which are happening and the water problems they are facing in our communities and they are emanating from issues around climate change.

“We also foresee more synergies with the members of the fourth estate as we work towards the issues of environment and climate change and even around climate justice, because these are the, these are the issues, Harare for example look at the environmental and waste management problem. The water problems and other issues we are facing around health, cholera is starting to emerge. The issues of the environment remain pertinent as an important agenda,” he said

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He added “Beyond the issues of climate change but also as a public health issue, as a water issue but also even as an economic issue. One of the recommendations which came out is the issue around clean energy where residents and journalists recommended the use of solar energy in local authority offices, purification plants, both sewer and water, which is very important as another adaptation measure to the issues around climate change.”

The workshop provided a platform for constructive interaction between climate advocacy groups and journalists, allowing them to speak a common language and find ways to simplify complex climate change narratives for the benefit of the community.

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