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JUST IN: Vice President Mohadi Resigns


Vice President Kembo Mohadi has resigned from his position following the exposure of his sexual shenanigans with a number of women from his office.

In his resignation letter, Mohadi said his decision to resign is a way of respecting citizens some of whom he said were affected by the “falsehoods and character assassination.”

Hard as it may be to my family, friends, comrades and cadres of my party ZANU PF, I am taking the decision to step down as the Vice President of Zimbabwe to save image of my government.

My decision to relinquish the vice president post is also a way of respecting the citizens of this great nation and my party comrades some of whom would have been affected by the falsehoods ad character assassination in the digital ecosystem

My resignation is also necessitated by my desire to seek clarity and justice on the matter in which my legal team will pursue and deconstruct this pseudo-paparazzi and flawed espionage to achieve cheap political points.

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