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KBA Africa Business Model Refinement Call For Workshop Applications 2017

 Do you have your own business or dream or running a successful business?

 Are you curious to explore whether entrepreneurship is for you?

 Do you have a great, innovative idea that can make a difference?

 Do you want to learn how to assess and further develop your idea into a marketable enterprise?

 Are you curious by nature, innovative at heart and willing to take risks to realize your dreams?

 Do you want to work with up and coming business support networks to realize job creation in your field of expertise?

 Are you creative, motivated and risk tolerant?

 Would a Business Refinement Workshop help take you to the next stage?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, join us for an exciting and innovative 3 day Business Model Refinement Workshop! This 3 day Workshop is about finding out if entrepreneurship is for you, unpacking your ideas, exploring the alignment of your ideas, learning how to assess market potential, understanding the funding and partnership landscape that will be important to take your ideas forward, networking with entrepreneurs in this space and practising your pitching skills in a dragons den simulation session.

A KBA Africa initiative. Proudly sponsored by The National Social Security Authority (NSSA). If this would add value to your professional development and help to propel you to the next step on your ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY, please don’t hesitate to apply!
We are looking for 40 of the brightest, most inspired, and energetic young people to go on this journey with us.

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Note that all applicants need to be:
 35 years or younger;


 Completed High School;

 Able to communicate comfortably in English;

 Driven, dynamic and eager to succeed;

 Have an innovative business or business idea/concept; and

 Available to attend a Business Model Refinement Workshop in Harare, between 20th to the 22nd of April 2017.

The Business Model Refinement Workshop, Venue: Tayana Conference Centre, Mt Pleasant, Harare.

Our theme is- To Transform small businesses in Zimbabwe.

Objective: To transform small businesses in Zimbabwe by making sure that new businesses in Zimbabwe are built well through the utilisation of systems that ensure success.

Our program is:
• Practical (tried and tested)
• Low cost
• Easy to enrol in
• Easily accessible
Innovative approach:
We have over 50 innovative and different Business opportunities that we will allow the entrepreneurs access to.
We are proud to introduce a ‘stockvel’ type funding model to the entrepreneurs to allow them the discipline of building financial reserves and support each other’s projects and ensure sustainability.

NOTE: there will not be any travel assistance or accommodation provided for successful applicants. To apply, send your motivation to info@kbaafrica.com.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any enquiries, info@kbaafrica.com, darren@kbaafrica.com, Darren + 263 734 841 071

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