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Lafarge launches waste management initiative in Mabvuku/Tafara


Larfage Cement Zimbabwe rolled out a sustainable community waste management initiative at Kamunhu Shops in Mabvuku on Wednesday 20 May 2015.

The initiative that is aimed at ensuring an all-time clean environment in the communities of Mabvuku and Tafara will see Lafarge in partnership with Harare City Council, the local community and other partners setting up a waste management centre that is expected to be functional in the third quarter of this year.

According to a press release by Lafarge the sustainable waste management initiative is in sync with the company’s Health and Safety month campaign that was launched in May. The campaign is aimed at targeting the health and safety of Lafarge’s employees, contractors as well as the community within which the company operates.

Speaking at the official launch of the sustainable waste management program, Amal Tantatwi Lafarge’s C.E.O said that the program is aimed at working with the community in managing waste using a three pronged approach that will involve namely the use of anti-litter monitors, establishment of a waste management center and the clearing of dump sites.

“Lafarge will sponsor the establishment of a waste management centre where residents will deposit their waste materials. Materials found fit for recycling will be purchased for an agreed fee…the income generated will be used to fund community projects,” said Tantatwi.

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Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Saviour Kasukuwere who was the Guest of Honour at the event said that the sustainable community waste management initiative was a culmination of previous community programs which offered temporary waste management solutions.

“Today’s program is different because it is sustainable and empowers the community to take responsibility for its waste management resulting in better health for residents…The waste management centre is a positive development as besides creating a sustainable waste management solution, the centre will develop into an income generating venture and empowerment model for other business entities,” explained Kasukuwere.

Residents of Mabvuku who spoke to 263Chat said that they appreciated the gesture by Lafarge but, urged council to provide bins at all shopping centres in order to avoid illegal dumping of litter by residents. Ocean Morgan (34) from New Tafara said that there were no bins at Kamunhu Shopping Centre.

“If we had bins we could be able to police each other but, lack of bins is the main problem which is causing people to dump litter everywhere,” said Morgan.

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Victor Monjeza (18) from Old Tafara said that the main problem in the area was litterbugs who had the habit of dumping litter everywhere and called on council to enforce the existing by-laws on littering.

“This should not be a once off event (the clean-up campaign) because people will come back to dump litter on the cleaned up sites so it should be continuously done until all residents adopt the habit of placing litter in the bins,” believed Monjeza.

Lafarge has also begun rolling out a Road Safety Campaign that is mostly targeting primary schools in Harare to raise awareness on road safety among pupils. The Road Safety Campaign is being done in partnership with CoH, ZRP and Traffic Safety Council.

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