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MDC Alliance Trio Arrested Again As Sikhala Gets Bail

The MDC Alliance trio of Harare West legislator Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova have been arrested, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) director Roselyn Hanzi has confirmed.

Posting on Twitter, Hanzi said the trio who are currently detained at the police have not been charged yet.

“@ZLHRLawyers, attending to @JoanaMamombe, @ceechimbiri2 & @MarovaNetsai who have been arrested AGAIN & are detained by @PoliceZimbabwe. Charges & allegations are still not very clear at the moment, although sec 50 (1)(a) of Const says one must be informed of charge upon arrest.” Hanzi posted on Twitter.

The three are out on bail, on allegations of faking abduction, torture and sexual abuse after staging an anti-Government protest in May last year.

ZLHR said the trio’s lawyer Charles Kwaramba had engaged the police who is also yet to know charges against his clients.

“No charges yet, even after lawyer Charles Kwaramba engaged police. This appears to be an arrest to investigate, contrary to Criminal Procedure & Evidence Act that requires an ‘arrest after investigating'” said ZLHR.

Meanwhile, High Court Judge Justice Tawanda Chitapi has granted ZWl$ 25 000 bail to Zengeza West legislator Job Sikhala.

Sikhala who was arrested on 9 January and charged with communicating falsehoods after tweeting that a junior police officer had killed a baby with a baton stick along Second street early last month.

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