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Missing MDC Youth Members Found Dumped In Bindura

The three MDC Alliance youths members who went missing on Wednesday are said to have been found dumped in Musana south of Bindura town.

In a statement by MDC –Alliance deputy national spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said the three were assaulted and forced to consume human excreta before being dumped by unknown assailants.

“The three missing MDC cadres Hon. Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova were found early this morning after being badly beaten up and dumped at Muchapondwa shops in Musana, Bindura south. They are in very bad shape and they have told horrendous tales of torture and abuse.

“Hon. Mamombe and Netsai Marova are having difficulty in walking while Cecilia Chimbiri is complaining of severe head pains. They are currently being assisted to check into a medical facility in the presence of lawyers and the police” said Tamborinyoka

Mamombe and company are said to have been accommodated by a villager in the area and made a phone call.

“After receiving a distress phone call from the dumped cadres who had been accommodated by a sympathetic villager in Muchapondwa, a group of MDC officials that included Secretary for Welfare Maureen Kademaunga and deputy Organising secretary Hon. Happymore Chidziva immediately alerted lawyers and the police and drove to the area in Bindura South where they found the three cadres in very bad shape. They are heavily traumatised.”

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According to Tamborinyoka the three were ‘arrested’ and taken to Harare Central Police Station before being whisked away in a black Toyota Wish vehicle.

“The three ladies said they were first taken to Harare Central Police Station after being “arrested”. They were later taken from police station and were driven away in a black Wish vehicle. The men who drove them away covered the ladies’ faces with what looked like sacks. They remember being taken to a forest and being put in a pit where they were brutally assaulted.

“They are telling horrendous stories of abuse and humiliation that include being forced to eat human excreta. They are currently checking into a medical facility under the close watch of MDC officials, a team of lawyers and some nine police officers from the Law and Order section” he added

Tamborinyoka said they are heavily traumatised and had their clothes torn.

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