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Mliswa Digs At Serving Mugabe-Era Bureaucrats

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Outspoken independent legislator for Norton, Temba Mliswa has castigated the remaining bureaucrats in state institutions that served under the previous administration led by the late President Robert Mugabe accusing them of failing to execute their duties and adapting to the new dispensation.

Addressing journalists in Harare today, the former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairperson said whilst Ministers appointed by President Mnangagwa are fairly new, it is impossible to expect different outcomes since the bureaucrats serving in state institutions are from the old regime.

“The people serving in these state institutions worked under Mugabe, we have to do an analysis of what percentage in these institutions do we have? People who came through with the second republic and those who came from the first regime. Probably 90 % are still there so the system has not changed, you cannot run a government without changing the bureaucrats it’s impossible.” said Mliswa

He said Ministers appointed by President Mnangagwa had failed to create their own teams hence the political and counter accusations.

“Those are the bureaucrats so how many of them have been changed, so those appointed by the President as ministers must now create their own team and they have failed to do that and in failing to do that they now accuse each other by labeling each other G40 and ultimately there is despondency.

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“Because of the current economic situation they feel hard done and start to compare who is better between ED (Mnangagwa) and the late Robert Mugabe. From a wealth point of view it has not improved. There are people who have been appointed by the leader are not moving with the leader’s agenda. Whilst the Ministers are new people working with the Ministers are not new.” he said

Mliswa had no kind words for the judiciary and the police whom he accused of not properly conducting their duties.

“I have not been happy of late as a Zimbabwean on the independence of our institutions and how people are incarcerated Hopewell whether you like it or not I don’t think he deserved to be incarcerated that long. They are really doing things which are really silly, the question is Are the police officers serious about these issues or they are tarnishing the name of the President.” charged Mliswa

He had earlier castigated Police Commissioner General Godfrey Matanga accusing him of being corrupt since the days of Augustine Chihuri the former Commissioner General under Mugabe’s rule.


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