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“Mthuli Ncube A Curse To Zimbabwe”

Former Minister of Finance and MDC Alliance vice president Tendai Biti has described the current Finance and Economic Development Minister, Mthuli Ncube as a curse to the country for stirring the economy into abyss since his appointment in 2018.

When asked to rate Ncube’s performance as head of treasury in a live Facebook interview today, Biti accused the minister of thievery in his administration of the economy.

“That one is a disaster, you can’t be incompetent and also be a thief, that’s a dangerous combination that man is a disaster, he is a curse on Zimbabwe and he belongs to Chikurubi. Mthuli Ncube is an embarrassment to economists………he is an embarrassment to anyone who carries the title of a Professor. He is an embarrassment to his colleagues at Wits University, University of Zimbabwe and the University of Cambridge where he studied economics,” charged Biti.

Mthuli attracted public contempt when he introduced the 2 percent Inter-mediated Money Transfer Tax in 2018 as part of government’s austerity measures, a policy widely criticized as being too harsh for the already hard-pressed Zimbabweans.

In November last year, the Chinese Embassy also accused the finance Minister of understating Chinese bilateral support figures to Zimbabwe for the year.

Ncube had announced in the 2020 National Budget that government had received US$ 3.631 million for the year but the Chinese Embassy rebuked the figures stating that it had disbursed US$ 136.8 million to Zimbabwe instead.

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The Harare East legislator also had no kind words for the trio of Patrick Chinamasa, Christopher Mutsvangwa and wife, Monica over their malicious utterances towards the 31 July protests and the social media Zimbabwe Lives Matter campaign.

“I have a problem with Patrick Chinamasa, Chris Mutsvangwa and I would say with Mutsvangwa’s wife because in my book they are totally deranged, they live in another planet not earth. I do not know what they smoke. 31 July 2020 was not a failure, it was a massive success, the fact that the state had to put in every street a soldier and a policeman is a reflection of how successful it was.” he said

Biti said they were shocked to hear American celebrities like Ice Cube and many others talk about Zimbabwe  and the hashtag campaign.

He said the positive response of the hashtag campaign from the international community will haunt President Emmerson Mnangagwa until he leaves office, constitutionally and peacefully.

His sentiments come after Zanu PF had claimed that the proposed anti-Government protests and the subsequent social media campaign had failed.

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