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Mudzuri Intensifies Fight Against Mwonzora

Ousted MDC-T vice president Engineer Elias Mudzuri has continued his fight against current party president Douglas Mwonzora’s leadership which he accuses of continuously violating party constitution.

Speaking to journalists in Harare, the former Mayor of Harare described the current opposition as a mere shadow of its former self, with Mwonzora relentlessly weakening it.

“Today, the MDC is a mere reflection of what it once was due to the mistakes made by successive leaders, whether through deliberate actions or neglect, which ultimately caused the movement to collapse. The latest and most devastating blow to the movement has come under the current illegitimate leader, Mr. Douglas Mwonzora. He (Mwonzora) has deliberately and repeatedly violated our constitution. He has stripped party members of their right to choose their own leader,” said Mudzuri.

With the court acknowledging irregularities in Mwonzora’s re-election at the congress, Mudzuri expressed confidence that the party is moving forward to reclaim its identity.


“Recognizing this reality and our commitment to the People’s Movement, genuine MDC-T members have decided to rise up and defend the Party and its fundamental principles and values. In that regard, we have democratically formed a team that has been consulting with party structures across the country,” he said

Mudzuri said the movement had initiated a program code named ‘Buruka’ to mobilize party members to reject Mwonzora, whom Mudzuri accused of staging a ‘coup’.

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Despite the ongoing confusion, the opposition party remains optimistic about securing victory in the upcoming election.

“We, therefore, appeal to all party members to remain calm, united, and actively participate in the restructuring process, keeping in mind that the 2023 Harmonized Elections are only a few months away. The revitalized MDC will win these elections, form the next government, and deliver the change that Zimbabweans desire,” said the seasoned opposition leader.

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