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Mugabe is Zimbabwe’s lifetime leader – Grace

First Lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe on Friday armor-plated that President Mugabe is Zimbabwe’s lifetime leader who has the ability to unite Zimbabweans.

She said this while addressing hundreds of Zanu-PF supporters at Mushayavanhu High School in Gutu during her ninth rally to mingle with the people.

“Hazvifaniri kukushamisa (you should not be surprised) when people say Mugabe at 91 can still lead, mamwe maititro edu anongoita kuti tione kut Mugabe ndiye ega. (Some of our actions bear testimony to the fact that Mugabe is the sole leader of Zimbabwe)

“Pane vamwe vane makaro panyaya yezvigaro, vanoti vakapiwa zvigaro vakutotarisa zvemberi. Tanga wazvibvunza kuti ndogona here. (Some of you are power hungry once promoted you aim for higher positions). You should take self-introspection kuona kut ndogona here basa (to see if you are capable of handling that job).

She also indirectly blasted, Zanu-PF bigwigs whom she said are greedy, and once promoted to a position they target the next position.

“Munhu gutsikana nepawapiwa uite basa rawapiwa (Be content with your position and do your job) Kana vanhu vaona kuti unogona ndivo vanokusimudzira kwete kuzvisimudzira. Tipe nguva yekukuona kut uri kuita zvatinoda here,” she said.

Grace said President Mugabe is the only ruler for Zimbabwe.

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“There is only one centre of power in Zimbabwe. Mugabe ndiye watinoda. Tichamuisa Mubhara.  We will push him in a wheelbarrow to the rallies and after he is done addressing people we will push him back home.

“The Mugabe story will go a long way, that old man is dense, mudhara uya isimbi, isimbi yangu. We are not yet done with Mugabe, we still love him.

“Mugabe ane hutungamri hune gwara rekuhondo (We have a leadership that has war credentials and we should respect that leadership),”she said.

Grace presaged of uncertainties if Mugabe leaves the golden throne, saying that he is the only person who has the ability to unite Zimbabweans.

“Let me assure you this, if Mugabe leaves power, there is going to be political unrest in this country.

She also warned against factionalism, “We are done with factionalism and whoever wants to bring it back will be humiliated.”

“As the First Lady how can I fight my own husband? She queried while distancing herself from the skyrocketing factional fights within the ruling party.

She also circuitously offered land to journalists, whom she also give food a few weeks ago.
“Imi ma jounalists endai munotsvaga minda basa rikapera mowana pekutangira,” she said.First lady, who for the past weeks during her meet the people tours has been ravishing journalists from the private media has shifted her attention to Zanu-PF bigwigs, who she says are feeding the journalists with information.

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Dzimwe nguva tinosvora ma journalists (at times we blame them) yet they are being corrupted by some malicious people who surround me. They are feeding you with the wrong information, whoever you are, stop it,” she clamored

“You journalists, you do not have the dreaming power but someone in the politburo is informing you on what to write.

“Do not arrest these journalists, they are being told what to write. You stop it,” she told Zanu PF bigwigs.

Photo credit: www.herzimbabwe.co.zw

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