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Mugabe rallies behind Grace

President Mugabe yesterday publicly defended his wife, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe while castigating party members for reprimanding the First Lady.

The First Lady has been shellacked from all walks of life and has received attacks from party youths and the war veterans.

President Mugabe said this while addressing thousands of Zimbabweans who convened at Great Zimbabwe monuments for his 92nd birthday celebrations yesterday.


The President said attacking her was a clear reflection of disregarding his position as the President of Zimbabwe.

Tinotonyara nematsoropodzerwo ari kuitwa Mai Mugabe mudzimai waPresident zvichibuditswakuna naAl-jazeera, zvichiiswa mumarecordeszvi chitoimbwa, kuiti raani? (We are seeing the criticism that is being leveled against the First Lady which is being broadcasted on Al-Jazeera) charged President Mugabe.

Vavengi vangave vanani vasvika pamberi pedu (Who might be the enemy in our midst), queried President Mugabe.

Takambosvika pekuti takashamiswa nevanhu vakadaro asinga zofara vaTogararepi vachititi charanga vanhu vakagaro. (I was delighted when Comrade Togarepi alluded that we will deal with such people) 

He said people who criticise the First Lady for whatever reason would be booted out of the party.


Hazviite kuti tivenevanhu vakadaro mumusangano medu aiwa kana (we do not tolerate such people in Zanu PF),” said President Mugabe.

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Commenting on a group of youths that comprises of serving and suspended Zanu PF members who spearheaded the Save Zanu PF Campaign which sought to confront the First Lady for accusations of destructing the party, President Mugabe said, “We cannot lead such misguided youths. Youths have to be well disciplined, well behaved and respectful.”

He added that there are some senior party members who are influencing and drawing the youths into factional fights.

“Isu vakure tisutinenge tiri seriti chiudzira vana vadiki kudaro. We have to understand that as we destroy the culture of respect amongst ourselves we are destroying the unity of our nation and oneness that leads our people to continue to working together,” said President Mugabe,adding that power is not assumed from fighting each other but it is acquired through elections.

“There is just one way to lead .You must be elected by the people and they judge you from your work, from what you do and how you act,” he said.

Zanu PF youths also confirmed their loyalty to the First Lady.

Innocent Hamandishe, the Youth League National Commissar, said whoever rebukes the First Lady also extendedly rebukes President Mugabe.

“Amai tinokudai uye tichashanda vevanokuvhiringai.  Whoever rebukes the first lady has also rebuked the youths he said.

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